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This website is dedicated to you, computer-pinball games lovers. If you are looking for a PinSim, it should be here. All in all, that’s 86 PinSims, and more to come !
In each post you will find a PinSim, a screenshot, a quick-start guide and release informations. Some links, but no downloads.
And if you think you can help (for those “Work In Progress”-tagged games, see above) feel free to send your informations, files and/or screenshots through the contact page. It would be highly appreciated !

South Park Pinball

DevelopmentSkyworks Technologies, Inc.


Release Year: WIP

Tag line: none

Table(1): South Park Pinball

Table editor: no

Where to play:

  • visit South Park’s website, here !

Minimum requirements: any browser with Adobe® Flash® Player plugin


Screamball (1996, aka Ultimate Pinball)

Design: Teeny Weeny Games, Ltd.

Development: Teeny Weeny Games, Ltd.

Publishing: US Gold, Ltd. (Europe), GT Interactive Software Corporation (U.S.A.)

Release Year: 1996

Tag line: The ultimate pinball challenge

Tables(6): Wild West, Pharaohs, Pirates, Luna Babe, Frankenstein, Goal

Table editor: no

Where to get it:

  • original retail version (box, Europe)
 Screamball european (original) retail box
Alternate name : Ultimate Pinball (U.S. release)

Not to be confused with: Ultimate Pinball (2002)

Pinball Illusions

Development: Digital Illusions CE AB

Publishing: 21st Century Entertainment Ltd.

Release Year: 1995

Tag line: The new standard in computer pinball

Tables(3): Babewatch, Law & Justice, Extreme Sports (Amiga, Amiga CD32)
Tables(4): Babewatch, Law & Justice, Extreme Sports, The Vikings (DOS)

Table editor: no

Pinball Dreams

Development: Digital Illusions CE AB

Publishing: 21st Century Entertainment Ltd.

Tables(4): Ignition, Steel Wheel, Beat Box, Nightmare

Table editor: no

Altoids Pinball (2002)

Tag line/Slogan
: Flip those flippers for the Altoids Pinball high score.

Development: Skyworks Technologies, Inc.
Release Year: 2002

Table(1): Altoids Pinball

Table editor: no
Number of players: 1 – 4

Status: free to play

Part of: Cross Platform PinSims series (Flash)

Where to play:

  • visit Altoids’ games page, here !

High Speed (1991)

Design: Williams Electronic Games, Inc.

Development: Rare Coin-It, Inc.

Publishing: Tradewest, Inc.

Release Year: 1991

Tag line (box, front): WORLD’S #1 PINBALL

Table(1): High Speed

Table editor: no

1st Person Pinball (aka First Person Pinball)

Alternate name(in-game): First Person Pinball
Tag line(back of box)
Supercharge your flipper fingers ‘cos radical 3D arcade pinball is what you get in 1ST PERSON PINBALL !

Design: Subway Software
Development: Cirrus Software
Publishing: Tynesoft Computer Software
Release Year: 1989

Table(1): 1st Person Pinball

Table editor: no
Number of players: 1 – 4

Status: commercial

Willi’s Pinball

Development: ComAd

Publishing: BHV Computer Bücher

Release Year: 1992

Tag line: Die BHV Computer Bücher Trilogie Teil 1 / 1. Teil der BHV-Trilogie

Table(1): Willi’s Pinball

Table editor: no


Development: Limelight Software Ltd.

Publishing: Limelight Software Ltd.

Release Year: 2001

Tag line: 2 vertical scrolling tables with fantastic graphics.

Tables(2): Haunted House, Alien Attack

Table editor: no

Status: commercial

Belongs to: Mobile PinGames series (Windows Mobile)

Where to get:

  • here, directly from developper/publisher website !

Bring It On Pinball


Publishing: Universal Studios Home Video

Release Year: WIP

Tag line: 2, 4, 6, 8, “Bring It On Pinball” is really great. Get your flipper fingers ready.

Table(1): Bring It On

Table editor: no

Status: free to play

Belongs to: Advertising PinSims seriesCross Platform PinSims series (Java)

Where to play:

  • used to be online, from developer’s website (no more available)

Minimum requirements: any Java-enabled browser (note that Netscape 6.0 is not compatible with this game)

Pin-Ball Deluxe

Not to be confused with: Pinball Deluxe (notice the spelling)

Development: Ikoncity

Publishing: Ikoncity

Release Year: WIP

Tag line: Enjoy the thrills and spills of a classic pinball game in our action packed remake.

Table(1): Pin-Ball Deluxe

Where to play:

  • used to be online from publisher’s website (no more available)
  • still available from other gaming sites

Minimum requirements: any Java-enabled browser

Grand Slam Pinball

Development: Skyworks Technologies, Inc.

Publishing: various publishers, under slightly different titles, see Related Pinball section below

Release Year: WIP

Table(1): Grand Slam

Where to get:

  • from Skyworks. Skyworks Technologies used to license this pinball game

Related pinball games:

  • ESPN Arcade Grand Slam Pinball
  • Ritz Chips Grand Slam Pinball


Development: Adveractive, Inc.

Publishing: Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Ltd.

Release Year : 1999

Table(1): Pachinko

Where to play:

  • used to be online (no nore available, sorry)

Judge Dredd Pinball

Development: Pin-Ball Games Ltd.

Publishing: Pin-Ball Games Ltd.

Release Year: 1998

Table(1): Judge Dredd

Where to get it:

  • go find an original retail version
  • go find a budget re-release

Addiction Pinball (aka Worms Pinball)

Development: Team17 Software Ltd.

Publishing/Distribution (Windows): MicroProse Software Ltd. ; MicroProse Software, Inc.

Publishing (PlayStation): Infogrames Europe S.A.

Release Year: 1998 (Windows), 2000 (PlayStation)

Tables(2): Rally Fever, Worms

Table editor: no

Status: commercial

Where to get it:

  • demo version exists (Windows)
  • original retail versions (Windows, PlayStation)
  • budget releases : “Crucial” and “Classic Value Series” (Windows)
  • budget releases : “Best of Infogrames Arcade” (PlayStation)

Gottlieb’s Royal Flush (aka Royal Flush Pinball)

Design: Premier Technology

Development: AMTEX Software Corporation

Publishing: Brøderbund Software, Inc.

AMTEX Pinball Classics: The Experience of Real Pinball!

Release Year: 1994

Table(1): Royal Flush

Where to get:

  • DOS: original retail version (box)
  • MacOS: Gerard Putter’s MacOS conversion of Royal Flush used to be available from his website, and could only be run in the ‘Classic Environment’ of MacOS X. When Apple stopped support of the Classic Environment in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, the link disappeared from his download page.

Pro Pinball: Timeshock!

Development: Cunning Developments

Publishing: Entertainment International (UK) Ltd.

Release Year: 1997 (DOS, Windows), 1998 (MacOS, PlayStation)

Tag line (Empire’s website): A Pro Pinball Simulation

Table(1): Timeshock!

Table editor: no

Belongs to: Pro Pinball series (second)

Electronic Pinball

Development: 21st Century Entertainment, Ltd.

Release Year: 1998

Tables(4): Globetrotter, Pc Pro, Safe Cracker, Speed Freak

Where to get it:

  • no retail version since it was never released

Solid State Pinball: Tristan™ (aka Tristan™ Pinball)

Design/Development: LittleWing Company, Ltd.

Publishing: AMTEX Software Corporation

Release Year: 1991

Tag line: Since 1990—the legendary pinball simulation

Table(1): Tristan

Where to get:

  • DOS demo version available, offered with Gottlieb’s Royal Flush‘s release
  • download the MacOS free demo version of this PinSim from LittleWing‘s website !
  • original retail version (box)


Development: McKey Systems

Publishing: Aral AG /

Release year: WIP

Tag line: none

Table(1): PinFlip

Table editor: no

Where to play:

  • visit Aral AG’s website, here !