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Roll ‘m Up (1997)

September 12, 2012

Alternate title: ROLL ‘M UP
Tag line/Slogan(website)Roll ‘m Up is our fast-moving pinball game, running on more platforms than most people have heard of.

Design: Lost Boys media lab (Amsterdam)
Development: Lost Boys media lab (Amsterdam)
Publishing: Interbrew/Dommelsch Bier
Release Year: 1997

Table(1): Roll ‘m Up

Table editor: no
Number of players: 
1 – 4

Status: commercial

Part ofAdvertising PinSims seriesCross Platform PinSims series

Where to get it:

Minimum requirements:

  • BeOS: BeOS Release 4 for any Intel/PowerPC architecture
  • Linux: install first a few dynamic libraries (e.g., libstdc++) to run
  • MacOS: runs under any PowerPC architecture with DisplayLib installed. Low color and full color versions exist. For Mac OS System 7.5.1 or earlier, you will have to install DisplayLib first, usually from Apple’s website (search for the Display Manager library)
  • Windows: any Windows 9x version and later. Version 1.0 (c) 1997 does not run on Pentium III. This have been fixed with version 1.1 (c) 1998
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