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Raster Blaster (1982, aka Bill Budge’s Raster Blaster)

September 2, 2012

Compare with: Raster Blaster, Apple II version (1981)
Tag line/Slogan(Atari 800 box cover)
: Video Pinball by Bill Budge

Development: BudgeCo, Inc.
Publishing: BudgeCo, Inc.
Release Year: 1982

Table(1): Raster Blaster

Table editor: no
Number of players:
1 – 4

Status: commercial

Part of: BudgeCo’s PinGames series

Where to get it:

  • original retail version (box, disk)
  • emulation

Minimum requirements: any 32 kB ATARI 800


From → Atari 400/800

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