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Bounty Hunter 2099 Pinball (2001)

August 3, 2012

Development: Hexacto Games, Inc.

Publishing: Ubi Soft Entertainment

Release Year: 05/16/2001

Tag line: none

Tables(2): Earth, Hideout Majoris

Table editor: no

Status: commercial

Belongs to: mobile PinGames series

Where to get it:

  • used to be available from,, and Gameloft Pocket
  • original retail Palm OS version (keep case) exists, EAN : 3307212501866
  • original retail Windows CE version (keep case) exists, EAN : WIP

Minimum Requirements(Windows CE): Windows CE 3.0 compatible Pocket PC (such as Compaq iPaq 3650 , HP Jornada 540 or Casio E-125)

Minimum Requirements(PalmOS): Palm OS 3.0+ compatible devices for the grayscale version ; PalmOS 3.5+ compatible devices for the color version. Suitable for Palm III, IIIe, IIIx, IIIxe, IIIc, Palm V, Vx, Visor, Visor Deluxe, Visor Platinum, Visor Prism.


From → Palm OS, Windows CE

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